Originally from Blackburn, I graduated from the University of Manchester with an MMath in Mathematics.  I carried out my PhD at the same university, wherein my thesis covered a range of research topics – in graph theory, cellular automata, Boolean networks, and the modelling of asynchronous processes, particularly via max-min-plus algebra.

As of 2018, I have returned to the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford.  I was last here two years ago, having been a temporary Lecturer of Mathematics at the University of Portsmouth in the intervening time.  Going further back, my postdoctoral research career started at the University of Reading in 2012.  My research is varied and exciting, generally involving maths and data to better understand complex systems and human behaviour.  Thus, I am currently working at the Oxford-Emirates Data Science Lab with Peter Grindrod, who first introduced me to the mathematics of human behaviour at Reading.

Together with Andrew Irving, I am a co-founder of The Bees, an ambitious writing group aiming to promote the understanding and enjoyment of mathematical techniques.  Please check out the current progress of The Bees here.  Andrew and I met as fellow PhD students at the University of Manchester, from where we graduated with doctorates in July 2012.  Andrew’s blog can be found here.


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